Increasing website traffic through online marketing and search engines referrals is typically a primary goal for most websites. Optimizing the website, engaging in social media and online advertising will provide opportunities to attract new customers.

A well-considered online marketing strategy often includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Advertising –
  • Blogging –
  • Social Networking –
  • Affiliate referrals
  • Link Building
  • Integration with off-line marketing (Print, radio, TV, …)

Search engine optimization is often the primary focus of an online marketing campaign. It is important to be thinking about SEO from the start since many aspects of web design are influenced by SEO.

Establishing brand name in search results might be a first step. Identifying primary keywords and how to best target these within existing content is another important step. Improving page names, “Description” Meta tags and the indexability of content are other important steps.

The SEO development process typically includes:

  • Research current state of SEO
  • Identify Objectives
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimize website Content and Information Architecture
  • Initiate Off-page Optimization
  • Monitor and Revise