Brand and visual identity

Understanding your audience and establishing brand attributes that encourage a positive relationship are key factors in creating a brand identity. The emotional response a viewer experiences the instant they first view your website, marks the beginning of that relationship.

We strive to create designs that communicate your brand with attention to a single unified approach appropriate for a single identity. This approach helps to imply cohesiveness, simplicity, professionalism and competency.

We can help find different ways to articulate the nature of the business using branding images, graphics and text.

Identity Graphics / Logos

A well-designed logo is memorable, consistent with the brand and communicates core values and identity. The logo should exhibit the following:

  • Simplicity – Reduced without losing recognition.
  • Relevance – The relationship of imagery, type and colour with the brand.
  • Articulation – How well the general nature of the organization is communicated.
  • Recognition – The readability of the graphic and typographic elements
  • Memorability – The ease with which the logo can be remembered
  • Adaptability – How well the logo works in different environments.
  • Focus – A strong focal point that draws the eye in
  • Balance – The balance between positive (foreground) and negative (background) space