About Chartinator

Chartinator – Google Charts made easier and accessible.


Chartinator is an open source jQuery plugin that transforms HTML tables, Google Sheets and JavaScript arrays into charts using Google Chart


Visit chartinator.com to view a demo

Current Features

Chartinator currently supports the following:

  • Creation of the following chart types using Google Charts
    • Bar Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Column Chart
    • Calendar
    • Geo Chart
    • Table Chart with data column formatter
  • Extraction of data from HTML tables, Google spreadsheets, and JavaScript arrays
  • Accessible data – Using HTML tables as data sources makes data accessible to screen readers and searchbots
  • Showing and hiding of HTML tables accessibly
  • Manipulation of data extracted from HTML tables and Google Sheets using JavaScript arrays
  • Transposition of data – swapping of rows and columns
  • Resizing of charts on screen resize – Responsive Web Design
  • Chart aspect ratio control
  • Customization of chart tooltips and annotations
  • Customization of all Google Chart options – Fonts, colors, chart formatting, etc.

Using Data from HTML Tables and Google Sheets

Chartinator is designed to extract data from HTML tables and Google Sheets. Simply create an HTML table or Google Sheet with the data you want to chart and configure Chartinator to use the table or sheet.

You can also use arrays of JavaScript data to augment and replace the data extracted from the table or sheet.

The Chartinator Git repo is available on Github at: github.com/jbowyers/chartinator